Julius Fortner
Kanji ユリウス フォルトナー
Romaji Yuriasu Fōtanā
Gender Male
Birthday 24 May
Sign Gemini
Height 176cm
Attribute Wind
Relatives Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Else Fortner (Younger sister)

Lulu (Wife)

Unnamed Daughter

Status Alive
Julius Fortner (ジュリアスフォートナー Yuriasu Fōtanā) is a young man who is charmed by magic to the point that to him magic comes first and magic comes second. And not just to learn, his dream is to create new spells by himself one day. At the end of the game, he becomes the husband of Lulu. In the promotional art, it is shown that they have an unnamed daughter. Julius is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro.


Julius is a young man who is passionate about magic and his studies he shares a somewhat rivalry with Noel Valmore. Julius is very popular amongst girls however he is oblivious and dense sometimes to their flirting, Julius is shown to care about Lulu deeply and feels guilty whenever he is unable to protect e.g In his route, Lulu throws herself in front of coakatrice and is petrified he holds her hand in the infirmary and cries. Julius is also very skilled at playing the piano and he plays music with his younger sister, Julius loves his younger sister, Else dearly although he sometimes fights with her. Unknown to Julius that he has a fan club devoted to him however due to Julius' polite nature he often softley and politley turns down love confessions.


Julius is a tall young man with short dark blue hair and violet eyes. He wears the Mirus Clare School of Magic male uniform which consists of  a long sleeved white shirt with a red tie and a brown waistcoat with black pants and brown shoes with a black cape with an orange hood. He carries around a diamond shaped wand. For the school ball, Julius wears a white and red soldier like uniform.

In Wand of Fortune II, Julius' battle clothes consist of a long white cape with a long sleeved white shirt and has blue on the sides with blue sleeves and wears black fingerless gloves with matching pants and sliver and blue boots.

In Wand of Fortune 2 FD, Julius wears glasses sometimes, he mainly wears a white shirt with the sleeves folded up underneath a blue jumper with a vertical white stripe on the left side, he wears black pants with them and a pair of brown shoes with a matching belt.

  • Julius' character design.
  • Julius' battle clothes.
  • Julius in his formal wear.
  • Julius in Wand of Fortune II FD.


Julius is the oldest of the Fortner children and has a younger sister called Else, he is the son of Alphonse and Constance Fortner. Julius' attribute is wind and he has had a high-class up-bringing and often had to study magic which helped lead him towards his dream. He has many tutors such as for magic and a piano teacher.

In a promontional poster for Wand of Fortune FD he is seen with Lulu (his wife) and their young daughter, Lala.


Lulu - Julius at first was shown to have a great interest in Lulu due to the fact she had no attribute and often asked for her opinion on certain spells due to the fact she was "special". In Julius' route, he is shown to fall deeply in love with Lulu after spending a lot of time with her and eventually in the game he proposes to her and they get married. In the promotional artwork, he is seen with Lulu and his daughter who has Lulu's hair. Julius is shown to be highly protective of Lulu but loves her deeply.


Julius with Lulu & their daughter.

Noel Valmore - Noel claims to be his no.1 rival and always tries to upstage Julius (without much success) and therefore tries to become the best wizard in the world however their main common bond is how much they care about Lulu and they both want to protect her and they bicker a lot however they can be shown to have an on and off friendship.

Matthew Craig - Julius' roommate whom he often worries over due to Matthew's caring nature and surprisingly frequently finds himself in trouble with other students he tries to help.


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  • Julius was born on 24th May
  • Julius' attribute is wind.
  • Julius is the poster boy of Wand of Fortune.
  • His Blood-type is O.