Kanji ルル
Romaji Ruru
Gender Female
Height 155cm
Occupation Student
Attribute All
Relatives Maribelle (Deceased Grandmother)

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Lala (Daughter)

Status Alive
Lulu (ルル Ruru) is the heroine of Wand of Fortune and comes to Mills Claire to improve upon her skills however Lulu does not have an "attribute" unlike other students so Lulu must partner up with someone in order to gain her attribute. 

Lulu is voiced by Yui Horie.


Lulu is a hard-working, clumsy, kind and honest girl who is shown to be somewhat restless and deemed as a problamatic child by her own mother who sends her to Mills Claire. Lulu also is the only one who keeps hope even after diaster, Lulu's greatest weapon is her natural positive thinking but also her wand is a memento from her late Grandmother, Maribell the wand is said to bring happiness. However Lulu is shown to be stubborn only to those who she cares about and wants to help, Lulu is a helpful person and wants to assist people in need of help themselves.

In Wand of Fortune II, Lulu has become the first human to possess all the attributes which has impressed all the teachers and Lulu is shown to be more confident in her abilities as well.


Lulu is a short young lady with wavy pink hair and orange eyes. In the first game Wand of Fortune, Lulu has short hair which she keeps in a ponytail tied by a black ribbon her school uniform consists of a black cape with a orange hood, a white blouse with a brown corset and a black bubble skirt. Lulu also wears burgundy tights with small black boots. She is usually seen carrying her wand.

For the school ball, Lulu wore a pale pink halter-neck dress alongside a pair of pale pink heels and jewel straps on for decoration. She wears an armband on her right arm and she wears a matching frilly hair accessory. Also she wears a matching pink butterfly necklace with her dress.

In Wand of Fortune II, Lulu changes her hairstyle to having her hair out and wears a dark pink floral headband in her hair with a plum and magenta jacket with gold details on it she then wears a white crop top with gold details and a matching leaves with plum tights and magenta boots. On her jacket she has a white cape attached to it which reaches her feet. Lulu also wears an amulet that has a pocket-watch like design.

In Wand of Fortune 2 FD, Lulu's hair has grown longer and is about up to her waist and it is half-tied up, her casual clothes is a white dress with cream sleeves with frilly cuffs and she wears a black ribbon underneath her chest, also Lulu wears a white ribbon in her hair also Lulu wears black boots with her dress. 


"When I was little, the things I loved the most were... my pure white rabbit plushie... my organ made from a shiny stone... my mother's home-made fluffy omelet... piggyback riding on my father's shoulders... And... my grandmother's magic"

As a child Lulu spent a lot of time with her grandmother and she loved her grandmother's magic one day whilst watching her grandmother's magic. Maribell gave her granddaughter her wand which is her only memento of Maribell who is now deceased.


Julius Fortner -

Noel Valmore -

Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald -

Lagi El Nagil

Alvaro Garay -

Est Rinaudo -


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  • Lulu is said to bear a similar appearance to Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière from Zero no Tsukaima.
  • Lulu's name means "precious, pearl" in Swahili 
  • Lulu in the game is often seen wearing orange clothes.
  • Lulu's name is changeable however if the player chooses to keep her automatic name then the characters will say her name out loud.
  • In the Wand of Fortune 2 Drama CD, she is voiced by Yui Horie who will now voice her in Wand of Fortune R